6 Reasons Why Imperfections are Necessary in Life

Photo Courtesy:  pdpics.com

Photo Courtesy: pdpics.com

Nothing in life is perfect because you cannot control everything. Imperfections and shortcomings are a part and parcel of the world and everyone’s life. The faster you come to terms with this reality, the better it is for you. Here are a few reasons why imperfections are necessary in life.

1. It helps you to tolerate other people’s shortcomings

If you and everyone in your family were perfect, would you be able to survive in the outside world full of imperfections? It wouldn’t be possible. Imperfections exist in everyone and they help in making people more accepting of each other’s shortcomings. If you are not accepting of imperfections, you will not have the sensitivity to accept other people who may not be perfect at something else.

2. It helps you to not become obsessed about perfectionism

It is good to strive for perfection in whatever you do. But becoming obsessed about it can be like digging your own grave. Since no one lives in a vacuum, your obsession of being perfect is likely to impact others in a negative way. People will get tired and sick of your fixation. The acceptance of the fact that nobody or nothing can be totally perfect can help everyone keep their sanity and not strive for perfection to the level of being obsessed about it.

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3. It teaches you that life is not perfect

Imperfections are important because they help people to come to terms with the fact that that life is not a perfect package which includes a perfect family, perfect career, perfect relationship, perfect health or perfect wealth. Imperfections help in readying people to accept life with all its limitations. People who think that imperfections don’t or shouldn’t exist in the world invite unhappiness and disappointment for themselves.

4. It helps you to be happy all the time

Accepting that imperfections exist can keep you happy and healthy. Instead of stressing about why something didn’t happen perfectly as planned, you can focus on how to reduce imperfections and deal with them. Imperfections are necessary in life as they gear you up for not being unhappy about other people’s inability to cope with your expectations. Imperfections also teach you that fate and destiny will not always chart out a perfect bed of roses for you.

5. It can help you appreciate perfection

The concept of heat is known to exist in relativity to the concept of cold. The concept of light can be explained only when it is contrasted with the concept of darkness. Imperfection and perfection too are similarly related. If everything in this world was perfect, you would never be able to appreciate perfection. For example, if every writer churned out a classic, how would we differentiate it from dull and unimaginative novels?

6. Imperfections keep humility intact

Imperfections keep humility intact in everybody. You cannot tell someone off because of their imperfections because you know that you too are imperfect at some things. You cannot expect nature to give you perfect weather because you know that you cannot control it. This is one of the reasons that imperfections are necessary in life.

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