8 Signs You are Proud of Yourself

It is easy to say from people’s body language and behavior patterns if they are proud of their own self. Watch out for some of these common signs and find out if you are proud of yourself or not.

1. You have a high level of confidence

High self confidence is one of the first signs of being proud of one’s own self. If you are proud of who you are, you are likely to have high confidence levels. This includes a positive body language and portraying the image of a strong man or woman.

2. You talk about your achievements

Do you find yourself telling your friends and family about your achievements at work or school? If you do, you may be proud of yourself. It is natural to feel proud when you achieve something. The fact that you are boasting about your own feats and achievements to others, shows that you may be involuntarily seeking praise.

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3. You are comfortable in your own skin

Do you feel comfortable and happy in your own skin? Are you happy with your physical and mental state? One of the easiest ways of spotting people who are proud of themselves is noting whether they are happy in their own skin or not. If you find yourself relaxed and calm all the time without seeking comfort in appreciation from others, you are likely to be proud of yourself.

4. You praise your friends and colleagues

People are in praise of their own friends and colleagues when they are proud of being in the company of good friends and co-workers. If you find yourself boasting about how good your friends are, or how great your colleagues are to work with, you may passively be displaying how proud you are of yourself.

5. You don’t get angry when you face criticism

A classic sign that you are proud of yourself is when you don’t get angry or upset when other people criticize you. People who are proud of themselves don’t succumb to criticism because they know that other people are simply jealous of them, which is why they laugh it off in the first place. If you are calm, composed and cool when someone criticizes you, you may in fact be proud of yourself and know that the criticism may just be an attempt to make you feel bad.

6. Everyone wants to hang out with you

If everyone in your friend circle or group of colleagues wants to hang out with you, it may be a sign of brimming confidence levels which are a result of self pride. People who are proud of themselves have a high confidence level which makes them more attractive to be with. They are natural magnets to everyone around them.

7. You walk with a bounce in your step

You may really be proud of who you are if you are seen walking with a bounce in your step all the time. This borderline arrogance could be a result of high self esteem and a slight hint of overconfidence. If you are never the one to walk in a tired manner or never the one to walk slowly and slouch, it may be a sign that you are proud of your own self.

8. You give importance to your looks and clothes

Do you put in efforts to wear good clothes and look good for others or do you simply put on anything because you don’t care about your looks? If you are the kind of person to care about your looks, it may be a sign that you are proud of how attractive you are.

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