6 Reasons Why You Should Stand Up for What is Right

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Photo Courtesy: geralt

The concept of right and wrong permeates all facets of human life. In fact it is an ability that separates man from other living beings. Here are 6 reasons why you should stand up for what is right.

1.It allows you to have principles and ethics in life

Having ethics and principles gives a foundation to your life. You build your life based on your belief system. It gives you a direction and helps define your existence. You make your life wholesome and worthy.

2.You will always be a passionate person

When you have established a belief system whether it is your political rights, moral philosophy, animal rights, about maintaining cleanliness, religion and worship, you are aware that you have a goal. With this perspective, you channelize your passion and energy to identify what is right and stand up for your belief system if it falls in jeopardy.

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3.You work towards what you believe in

A firm belief system makes you driven and committed towards what you believe in. You will research issues surrounding it, perhaps engage in debate and conversations with like-minded people. Strengthen your belief system by abolishing practices and conditions that hinder your growth and steer you away from the right path.

4.It helps you be an active citizen than a passive spectator

Looking at the concept of ‘right’ from the political perspective, one can establish that if you believe in what is right and wrong, you will be a more involved and active citizen of the nation. You will uphold the values of a good citizen and not be a silent spectator to injustice that happens before you.

5.You will not tolerate any kind of injustice

When you know what is right and wrong and what you really believe in, you will be conscious and aware. You will not let injustice be meted out against you or someone you know. It makes you a righteous person and a model citizen.

6.You won’t have the ‘everything works’ attitude

People who don’t stand up for what is right have a lax attitude toward life. As long as their life is unaffected by the unfair and unjust practices they do not bother about what is happening. They will continue to extend their threshold of having a callous attitude. If you wish to stand apart, it is necessary that you stand up for what is right.

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