10 Reasons You Struggle With Happiness

Photo Courtesy: ©crestock.com

Photo Courtesy: ©crestock.com

Happiness, they say, is as much about what is happening in your head, as it is about what is happening around you. At times, it is about the mindset and how you look at things. The mindset can play spoilsport even when you are going through good times. The mind can also be your main weapon and keep you happy when you are going through tough times. Listed here are some reasons why you struggle with happiness.

1. You disregard your gifts

Most people don’t look at the gifts they have. They have scant regard for their talents or for the things they can feel good about. It is important to understand your strengths and maximize their influence on your life. Pondering over what you don’t have will only make you feel miserable losing out on valuable moments and losing loved ones.

2. You constantly compare

There is no end to comparisons. At the back of your mind, it is important to remember that everyone is fighting his or her own battle that is just as painful. Only, it doesn’t show up. So, it is not ideal to look at someone else and whine all the time. Comparisons with others, whether it is with regards to money or status, luck or appearance will never solve anything. It is a futile exercise that only takes your mind for a needless melancholy ride.

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3. You regret the past

Excess baggage never helped anyone. Delving in the past doesn’t solve any problems. It just robs you of your present. One of the biggest reasons why some people cannot hold their happiness is because they keep drifting back to their past, which might be full of mistakes committed or bad fate. Too many regrets about the past can spoil your moments. It is difficult to let go of regrets but you can always start with distracting your trip down the memory lane.

4. You want things your way

Some people miss out on happiness because their outlook is myopic. Always wanting things your way could only lead to misery. Life was never meant to play out as per your plans. Destiny has its own mind and the best we can do is adapt to the circumstances and do our best in that situation. You can control how much effort you put in but at times, things will not pan out as per your desires. You have to expect that and get on with life.

5. You have too many plans about the future

Ambition is a good thing. Aiming high is not bad at all. However, it is important that you enjoy the present too, the process that takes you to your plans. Daydreaming or working constantly for some distant future are both ill-advisable as time passes by without you being aware of it. Too many future plans should be avoided. Instead pick one aim and work towards it. It is important you stay firmly focused in the present moment to really grasp happiness. Joy isn’t somewhere in the future. It is right here.

6. You have too many expectations

Some people struggle with happiness because they have too many expectations from life and from others. It is hard to expect others to always do what will please you. Expecting others to lend you support or love you the way you want is sometimes fraught with disappointment. Sometimes, it is best to let people be. The one who doesn’t expect anything from others is usually happy.

7. You push yourself too hard

There is a difference between working hard and pushing yourself beyond limits. It is good to want something badly and it is advisable to work towards it. However, pushing yourself too much and expecting too much out of your own self isn’t really necessary all the time. At times, it could cause frustration, when the results don’t work out your way or when something feels beyond reach.

8. You miss out on small moments

Celebrate the small victories. Sometimes, you are so focused on bigger goals that you miss out on champagne moments that fly by your side, day in and day out.

9. You do not spend time with loved ones

If you have people who care for you, make them your priority. Sometimes people struggle with happiness because there isn’t any tenderness in their lives. They are too busy with the wild goose chase often missing out on spending quality time with their partners, kids or parents.

10. You over-analyze things

Mental ability, emotions and thought process are all strengths. However, some turn it into a weakness by over-analyzing everything and drowning in melancholy.

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