How to Share Your Happiness With Others?

How to Share Your Happiness With Others

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All of us know that sorrow is reduced by half and happiness is doubled when they are shared with friends. By sharing something with someone, you are taking your relationship with that person to the next level. It applies more so when it is your happiness that you share. When you share your joy or success with someone, the response you get from them, maybe a hug or a hearty congratulation will reveal to you how much they really care about what brings happiness to you. Here are some tips on how to share happiness with others.

1. Smile

This is a soft and subtle way of sharing your happiness. If you are happy about something, show it on your face. Smile at everyone. All those whom you smile at will certainly smile back at you.

2. Talk it out

Go to your best friend when you are happy. Everyone loves stories. So tell them yours. You get to express yourself and your friend will feel more comfortable and closer to you. It’ll feel great when your friends rejoice along with you.

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3. Dance with others

If you’re happy and you know it, tap your feet. Literally! Dance and make your friends dance with you. Share your happiness with them through your crazy moves. There is absolutely nothing wrong with making a fool out of yourself when happy.

4. Post it on a social networking site

This is one of the most recycled ways of sharing happiness. Tell the world what made you happy by sharing it with them by making it your Facebook status or tweeting about it to your faithful followers on Twitter. It is effective and you get quick responses from your friends.

5. Blog about it

Blogs are online journals. You can pour out all your emotions there. It can also be used as a medium to share your happiness with all those other bloggers who follow you.

6. Cook for your friends

You may have scored the highest grades in your tests, or you might have just got a promotion. Throw a small dinner party at your place and cook for your dear friends on the occasion. Toast and share your happiness with them through food. Nothing makes people happier than good food.

Until and unless you share your happiness with others, you cannot experience the full intensity of it. Go on and don’t hesitate thinking that maybe they aren’t interested in your life. The more you share, the more your friends will love you.

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