7 Ways to Stick to Your Promises

7 Ways to Stick to Your Promises

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It is easy to make a promise, but difficult to actually keep it. You may face a thousand distractions in sticking to your promises and may even get tempted to break them if you become weak minded. Here are a few ways in which you can stick to your promises whether you have made them to yourself or to others.

1. Think of the negative repercussions

Before you give up that promise you made to someone, think about the repercussions it will have. Not only will that person stop trusting you, but you may not trust yourself to keep a promise. Not keeping a promise could lead to breaking up of an important relationship in your life. Constantly thinking about this may deter you from breaking your promises.

2. Boost your own self esteem and ego

Give yourself an adrenaline rush by thinking about the ego boost you will get when you are able to keep a promise you made to someone. Think about how thankful that person will be to you and how you will get elevated in his or her eyes. Keeping a promise is a big deal so remind yourself about how your self-esteem will get a boost if you fulfill it.

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3. Reward yourself for sticking to a promise

If it is getting difficult for you keep a promise, think about ways of incentivizing it. Tell yourself that if you keep your promise, you will reward yourself with something you always wanted. It could be a treat or a gift that you can splurge on.

4. Think about the bragging rights you will get

Have you thought about the upper hand you may get when you stick to a promise you made to someone? Not only will you have bragging rights that you were able to keep a promise, but that person will become obliged to you. This is a great feeling to have, so keep reaffirming the same thought in your mind again and again.

5. Vent your feelings out to someone

If you are struggling to stick to a promise, it could be possible that all sorts of negative emotions may be building up inside you. Instead of allowing such feelings to burst in a negative way, manage them effectively by talking about them to someone. Talking will help you release the pressure of sticking to a promise. You may also receive advice and tips on how you can stick to your promises from the person you talk to.

6. Think of the damage to your personality image

Would you like to be known as the person who always breaks his or her promises? Assuming that you don’t, think of this before you decide to break promises in the first place. As word spreads that you don’t stick to your promises, people may not take you seriously and may ridicule your promises in all walks of life.

7. Idolize someone successful or someone who keeps their promises

An easy way to stick to your promises is to idolize a person who does the same. It can be a successful sportsperson, a hardworking celebrity or a successful businessman. Every time you find yourself on the verge of breaking a promise, think about how your idol would approach the situation. If you passionately idolize a successful person, you will try your best to keep your promises to be successful yourself.

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