7 Signs You are a Job Hopper

7 Signs You are a Job Hopper

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There are some people who can’t commit to relationships, and there are some who can’t handle any responsibility. But the ones who are swarming the market like locusts these days are a specific breed known as “job hoppers.” So are you one of them? Well, here are some tell-tale signs to help you find out.

1. Switching jobs is a passion for you

Do you eagerly look forward to your next job switch all the time? If shifting from one job to the next is a habit for you, then you definitely fall under the category of “job hopper.” You may be going out with the same person for years, but when it comes to jobs, the idea of sticking with one seems insane.

2. Your resume is filled with jobs stints of less than 2 years

Switching a job after a couple of months due to personal or professional reasons is fine. The problem starts only when it becomes a habit. And your resume will be the proof of that. Just glance through it once and if it shows 10 jobs in a career spanning 15 years, you are definitely a job hopper.

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3. You get bored with the same job for long

Does going to your office and sitting in the same cubicle doing the same stuff everyday seem like a torture to you? Do you prefer to spend your work day playing “Criminal Case” rather than working at your computer? If the answer to these questions is yes, then there can be no second opinion that you belong to the breed of job hoppers.

4. You search for new jobs on the first day at work

Every person seeks better opportunities and browsing for jobs on the net isn’t a crime. But if you find yourself doing the same even before you have settled in your seat at your new workplace, then something is definitely wrong. Just remove the bookmarks of the job sites and try to commit to a job for once.

5. The company is always at fault according to you

The most common characteristic of job hoppers is that they totally blame their company for every job switch of theirs. While sometimes the company doesn’t give you enough “creative space,” at other times the leadership is “too authoritative.” So now go ahead and find out if you too share these virtues.

6. Job commitment sounds like an alien term to you

Okay, what did we say again? Yes right, job commitment. Commitment to your job or workplace or company is a basic necessity if you look forward to stay with an organization for long. So if this term seems stupid or alien to you, you are definitely a job hopper.

7. You continuously strive for that ideal job

If your quest for that non-existent perfect job seems unending, you are definitely one of those job switching maniacs who shift to a new job before you can say hello. You might have been looking for that perfect job which will make “adequate use of your talents” or let you “contribute positively” or any other such thing, but whatever your justification, you are surely a job hopper.

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