6 Tips to Rejuvenate Yourself

6 Tips to Rejuvenate Yourself

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Somebody once distilled the core idea behind happiness very succinctly and said – ” If you want to be happy, be”. However, even though the statement makes perfect sense, it isn’t easy to shrug off the clouds of gloom and doom if they ever happen to engulf our being. Depression is increasingly being taken seriously as a medical ailment and not an outcome of a monotonous, easy life. However, before plunging head on into medical and psychiatric help, it is worthwhile to make an effort on one’s own to unshackle oneself from the enervating gloom and move ahead into the future. Here are a few tips to rejuvenate yourself and embrace the future.

1. Change your place

Changing your location, or going on a vacation may not solve the root cause of your misery, which may a job loss, a death or a bereavement; but it will at the very least help you forget your troubles at least for the time being. It is a good idea to go away to a scenic place with ample flora, fauna and above all peace. Being in touch with nature can help you tap into your own reserves of strength and help you bounce back with renewed vigor.

2. Set a random goal

When depression sets in, it also brings about disillusionment and disinterest.Whatever mishap or trauma that you may have gone through renders you incapable to really take up productive things. A person loses all motivation to engage in any activity and nothing seems to matter so much anymore. This is why, doing exactly the opposite of what your body tells you to do is the best thing to do. This means, setting a goal and pushing yourself towards it. It can be anything – becoming fit, learning a new language, saving more – anything that requires a little effort to achieve. If you are able to do away with the initial inertia and disillusionment and start to work towards your goal, you are already halfway there. Your willpower will slowly increase as you inch your way through something. The act of working towards something tangible will act as a powerful healing agent and lift you out of your misery.

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3. Indulge in a hobby

All of us have some or the other hobby. It may be something glamorous like adventure sports or more demure like reading or listening to music. The thing common to all the hobbies are that they often get sidelined in the grime of our daily lives. We give a lot of importance to things like earning our livelihoods, saving up and carrying out other responsibilities that we rarely, if ever, accord time and attention to indulging ourselves. If you are troubled by bad memories or events in your life, this is perhaps the time when things that seemed important earlier no longer seem to be so. Therefore, this is probably the best time to give time to hobbies that have been lying forgotten somewhere. Do what you life, forget about what is troubling you for a moment and solely focus on what gives you the most joy. Indulging in something enjoyable as well as creative will serve to clean away all the cobwebs of your mind and enable you to have a fresh start.

4. Spend time with loved ones

You may feel like being all alone at a time like this. However, isolation is unlikely to solve anything, rather it will only compound your problems. Of course, take a few days off and sort out things in your mind. However, for the long process of rejuvenation, you need your loved ones around you. Being around them will serve as a reminder that you have the good fortune of unconditional love and unquestionable support. This will help you see things in a more positive way and give you the confidence to work on your problems.

5. Take up yoga

Yoga actually helps. Its dual focus on both the physical as well as mental well-being on a person is exactly what you need when you are surrounded by unhappy thoughts. Find a good instructor and learn yoga. It may seem like a chore initially and you may not see the big deal when you start. But returns definitely trickle over a period of time making a big contribution to putting you on a path of happiness and fulfillment.

6. Take professional help

This is considered taboo among a lot of people. However, it need not be so. Just like we visit doctors for various ailments of our body, we should acknowledge it when there are issues within our mind which can’t be dealt by us all alone. You need to be seek professional help to put the bad memories behind you and make a new beginning. Visiting a shrink has helped a lot of people worldwide and the practice is only increasing as more and more realize how important availing the right help at the right time is.

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