6 Tips to Declutter Your Life

6 Tips to Declutter Your Life

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Is there too much chaos, confusion and noise in your life? Do you always have people and things around you? These may be signs that your life is stressed and cluttered. Here are a few ways in which you can declutter your life.

1. Get rid of the things you don’t need

Unnecessary objects and things strewn around the house for no reason can cramp space and subconsciously affect your living experience. Notice how you feel a sudden sense of calm when you enter a clutter free, minimalistic zone as compared to a space which is filled with objects. Take a day off and separate all the things that you don’t need from all the things you need. Getting rid of junk is one of the first steps to declutter your life.

2. Set a schedule

When you want to declutter your life, it means that you want to go beyond material things and bring peace to your conscience and surroundings. If you are moving in no proper direction in life or if you are doing too many things simultaneously and imperfectly, it may be time for you to take stock of yourself. Set a proper schedule for yourself to be able to achieve the things you want and to bring some discipline in your routine.

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3. Relax and meditate

An important part of decluttering life is to calm the mind. You may have the habit of thinking about a thousand things at once. This may affect your speech, body language and actions. Relaxation through meditation or Yoga can be effective in calming your nerves down and taking in one thing at a time. The minute your actions and thoughts slow down, you will find it easier to declutter the rest of your life.

4. Simplify your virtual life

Checking email and logging into your social media pages may very well be the first thing that you do every morning once you wake up. Imagine how your day would pan out if the first thing you shift through in the morning is tons of promotional mail, newsletters and RSS feeds. Clear your inbox, unsubscribe from feeds that you may have outgrown and send out pending replies on a daily basis. Since your virtual life is likely to be a big part of your real life, keep it clean.

5. Let go of all your hoardings

Hoarding of thoughts or things begin when you think that you may need either of them later. Have you ever saved tax paperwork or interesting news articles that you think you may need later, but actually never need them? Has an old jacket been eating away space in your closet just because you are emotionally attached to it and you think you might feel like wearing it again? All these are unnecessary hoardings that you may have kept just because you can’t let go of it. Let go of the things and thoughts that you are emotionally attached to, and you will be able to de-clutter your life.

6. Organize what you have

Decluttering doesn’t just mean getting rid of the things you don’t need. It also means organizing the things you already have. Once you have cleared your life, home, inbox, car and thoughts of unnecessary trash, get to the task of categorizing and slotting the remains. Organize everything in a way in which you can find it whenever you want.

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