6 Reasons Why Positive Thinking is not Unrealistic

6 Reasons Why Positive Thinking is not Unrealistic

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Life is not simple for anybody. Everybody has lot of ups and downs and we all face problems. Also all of us deal with it in different ways. Some people can think positive and stay motivated. However, some of us consider positive thinking as unrealistic. For those of us who think positivity defies practicality, here are few reasons to think otherwise.

1. It can be a good motivating factor

It’s difficult but not impossible to think positive all the time. After a certain time it becomes a habit. Positive thinking and actions serve as a very good motivator. It does not take us away from our goals in life; in fact it gives us the courage to achieve them no matter what.

2. It helps to learn from the past

We all have a past and may even want to change it. Thinking positive does not mean ignoring these mistakes – it only helps us to learn from our mistakes. It helps us to move on and become wiser with time.

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3. Builds up a good mood

Positive thinking is infectious. If sticks around in your mind for long if you mange to cross the initial phase. It always keeps you in a lively and happy mood and you automatically begin to find new ways to deal with issues. With positive thinking you can handle reality better.

4. Teaches you to live without fear

The basis of positive thinking is to do things without fear. Positivity attracts belief, courage and conviction. It helps you to see the real situation as it is and then teaches you to face it head on.

5. Shows the importance of acknowledgement and appreciation

We realize the value of someone or something only when we lose it. Thinking positive makes us appreciate what we have in life. However little it may be, positivity teaches us not to take it for granted and appreciate life in all its glory.

6. Helps exceed our own expectations

When we think positively, we start believing in ourselves and capabilities more and more. This belief is all we need to solve problems, put them behind and achieve far more than anyone expected. Positive thinking is a great tool for solving problems and puzzles that life throws at us.

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