5 Symptoms of Separation Anxiety in Adults

5 Symptoms of Separation Anxiety in Adults

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There are increasing number of cases of men and women suffering from adult separation anxiety. As opposed to children, the subject of attachment could be a friend, boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse. Adults are likely to express their frustration through anger, insecurity, and the obsessive need to be around the subject of attachment. Here are 5 symptoms of separation anxiety in adults.

1. The feeling of fear and anxiety in performing day to day activities alone

Adults who face this kind of anxiety are constantly worried that they are going to be abandoned. They cannot have their meals or cook without the person they are emotionally attached to. Even activities like grocery shopping, going to work, watching a show or movie requires them to have their friend or spouse around.

2. They avoid being in situations where they are left alone

In an event when the person he or she is close to is unable to be a part of a certain activity, chances are that they will cancel, postpone or do anything to avoid being in that situation alone. They will make accommodations but will not accept the condition of doing any activity by themselves for which they will find excuses of all kinds.

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3. Obsessive feeling of abandonment

They might constantly try to please you, not allow you to have independent goals and ambitions, worried that you might give precedence to your new found interest over them. They have a constant nagging feeling that one day you will leave them and go away. This obsessive need can take many destructive forms if not addressed in the initial stage.

4. Possibility of separation anxiety in childhood

Evidence suggests that some adults may have suffered from childhood anxiety that was overlooked or undiagnosed. It may persist till their adult life which means that this fear is transferred from the primary caregiver to a new subject of attachment – a spouse or even a friend.

5. Spending long hours crying

Separation can cause adults as well to feel emotionally vulnerable. They are likely to spend hours crying as they feel insecure and frustrated. They are afraid of losing the person they care about the most.

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