5 Reasons to Keep Your Employees Happy

Photo Courtesy:    Eversheds LLP

Photo Courtesy: Eversheds LLP

Keeping your employees happy is a business’ need more than anything else. Productivity of an organization or any business, despite its size, is dependent upon the people who work for it. Employees are of different kinds and therefore there are many kinds of motivators. While some are motivated by monetary factors, some others find their enthusiasm in job related components; some others are driven by recognition and rewards and few others require incentives in some form so as to keep them going. But whatever be the stimulator, the need for motivation cannot be contested. Enlisted here are some reasons to keep your employees happy.

1. Employee satisfaction has a direct influence on client satisfaction

Businesses are often focusing only on their clients and end users. We try to move heaven and earth to please them. But in this ordeal, people who make it possible are often forgotten. If you think that your employees should feel lucky to keep their jobs, that attitude is not going to get you anywhere in your business. If your employees don’t feel appreciated and do not find one good reason to happily do what they are doing, then your business will take a plunge. This is simply because their attitude will influence their working with your customers.

2. Employees may badmouth about the business

Any business sustains and performs better with word of mouth communication. Your employees are likely to be the first points of contact when it comes to building your brand. Unhappy and poorly motivated employees can spill the beans of how badly maintained your business or workplace is and the word can get around more quickly than otherwise. So, ensure that your brand ambassadors are happy while they work for you or don’t, to spread the good word.

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3. Productivity takes a nosedive

This is the first thing you are going to notice if you are working with unhappy or unsatisfied employees. When you connect to your employees and offer them what makes them happy, most of your tasks will be done before you even ask for them and perhaps in a better way than you might have even imagined. On the contrary, when you fail to keep them happy, even the most reasonable of activities may be neglected or left undone.

4. Replacement and training costs may rise

In some period of time, unhappy employees are likely to quit working for you. You have to factor in replacement and training costs of new employees that may weigh down on your bottom line. While some amount of attrition is inevitable, frequent encounters can be tough for your business. Besides being financially heavy, it can also be stressing especially when you don’t get the right find.

5. Happy employees translate to better profits

Finally, the much awaited need and reason for every business operating on the face of this earth is good profits. Happy employees directly translate to better profits because they are simply motivated to be working for you and your business. They feel empowered and treat their line of responsibility as their own baby. They treat your customers brilliantly and spread the word around like how true brand ambassadors should be.

Treat your employees in a way that you like to be treated. Happy employees make a happy organization and eliminate many of the troubles faced by a business.

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