10 Ways to Enrich Your Life

Photo Courtesy: 4774344sean  ©crestock.com

Photo Courtesy: 4774344sean ©crestock.com

Life is not just about what you study, where you work, how much you’ve earned or how well you are settled. Life is a larger picture that encompasses your feelings, thoughts, perceptions, happiness, sadness and an entire set of emotions that engulf your mind. Life enrichment is a concept that is perhaps larger than life. When there is a beautiful balance of emotions, life becomes enriched. If happiness makes your soul feel elated and jump with joy, sadness makes you understand what real happiness is. Here are simple ways in which you can enrich your life and feel content.

1. Reduce your pace

Very often, we are all self-indulgent. We only want to see things that appeal to us and do things that make us feel happy. Therefore, the rat race to accomplishment is so intense that we fail to observe things, people and emotions around us. The world is a beautiful place and you can make your life happier if you include the world in your life. You can notice the difference on the day you walk to your workplace instead of driving down. You will absorb a lot more sights and watch so many things that make you think.

2. Accept life as it is

The word might be small but its potential is huge. Life is a mixed ball of emotions, feelings, likes and thoughts. While it is not possible to embrace sadness all the time, it is also not possible to stay happy every time. If you happily welcome good times, your mind should also be prepared to face trials and tribulations. Accept them as they come and work hard to steer through a tough phase with success.

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3. Spend time with people

People are of different kinds. All of them lead a life as troubled or happy as you do. Spending time in the midst of people rather than things will help you understand life and its complexities better. Spending time with people to whom you matter will make you feel happy, important and respected. These are the ones who truly enrich your life.

4. Be compassionate and empathize with everyone

Compassion and empathy are two words that give more than take. Compassion and empathy must not just be demonstrated with people but also for living and non-living things around us. When you do a good deed, the amount of satisfaction that engulfs your mind is larger than the happiness and contentment you get after you’ve bought a luxury car.

5. Enjoy the little things in life

The human mind is trained and nurtured to only expect something big and likes to indulge in great things. But the world and your life is filled with numerous little things that can perhaps make you feel happier and relaxed. Watching a sunrise or sunset, walking along the beach, playing with children, watching a colorful butterfly hover from one flower to the other or getting wet in the rain are some little things that we don’t tend to attach much importance to. But these are the ones that have the potential to make one truly happy.

6. Smile whenever possible

Eventually that becomes a habit. A smile is reflective of the mood you are in. So every time you smile, you can feel that you mood lifts and looks up substantially. The face lights up and tends to look more beautiful in a lovely smile.

7. De-clutter your life

Remove clutter from your life physically and psychologically. The more clutter you live in or with, the lesser are the chances for you to think loud and clear.

8. Listen carefully

Listen to people, sounds, noises, animals, the wind and other natural and man-made elements. There is a reason that something chimes. Listen closely and absorb the goodness in each.

9. Work your senses for good health

Your sense of touch, taste, sight, smell and listening are heightened during different activities. Explore the many activities and lead a healthy life.

10. Practice little acts of kindness

Little acts of kindness go a long way in enriching your life. Stop badmouthing people despite their thoughts and actions. You are a critic of yourself and never of another individual. Praise and compliment people for good deeds, help people and animals when in need and smile. All these deeds of kindness enrich your life.

These are only a sample list of things that can enrich your life. Explore million other ways in which you can do this and lead a healthy, happy and enriched life.

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