10 Tips to Ensure Your Office Runs Smoothly in Your Absence

Photo Courtesy:    Jere Keys

Photo Courtesy: Jere Keys

If you have an office to manage, it is a big responsibility. There would be people looking for your advice. There will be people looking for your approvals and your permissions. There will be those looking to inform you about what is happening and then those who need to discuss ideas with you. There will be a variety of other scenarios that are hard to imagine, but very much possible, where you are needed. As a result, going on a long vacation or taking a leave may put you in quite a difficult position. But you can take your breaks from work. All you have to do is follow some of these tips to ensure your office is working smoothly in your absence.

1. Make sure you have someone filling in for you

This is the most important rule in corporate affairs. Whether you are on the lower rungs of a company or at the highest, you always need a deputy who fills in for you in your absence. There will always be questions that need to be answered when you are away because work doesn’t stop.

2. Leave your emergency contact number and email id

If you are responsible enough for your office and your work, leave a contact number and an email id where you can be reached in case of emergencies. There will always be situations when your intervention will be required. At the same time make sure that these contact details will not be misused to disturb you during your absence.

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3. Make important people know you are not at office

Whether it is setting an out of office message or by dropping a personal email, make people aware that you will be absent for a while. The last thing you want is your business partners or important clients storm out of a relationship because they are not sure how or where to reach you. If your absence is because of valid reasons, they will surely understand.

4. Share specialized knowledge with at least one person

Whether you are developer with specific knowledge and responsibility of an application or a manager who has precious information or data about company strategies and tactics, make sure you share it with the right people based on the right permissions. That way, work will not be held up for the reason that no one else was sure what to do with that function.

5. Let subordinates update you on a regular basis

If you are worried about how your office is functioning in your absence, make sure your subordinates update you on what is happening on a day to day basis. This will give you no jitters as you are well aware on what is happening. It will also let you stay on top of important events and developments in the office. You can also give your two cents if you think it is important. Staying in touch also builds an atmosphere of confidence amongst everybody.

6. Plan early

If you are planning a vacation, make sure you plan well in advance. That way, backup plans can be put in place in your office to cover for you. It will give you time to share your knowledge and expertise with those who will cover for you. It will also help you prioritize projects, so that your absence doesn’t coincide with an important phase for the team or even for the company.

7. Discuss with coworkers

A week before your planned absence make sure you discuss things with your team, subordinate and bosses if you have any to set expectations. You need to be absolutely sure you have checked all boxes when it comes to addressing queries.

8. Change the message on your phone

Before you leave, make sure you update the phone message so that people who call you don’t get nervous and understand that you are not available. The alert should also provide the contact information in case of emergencies.

9. Schedule a call midway if possible

Unless you are relaxing in the valleys and loathe your work, it is quite possible to schedule a Skype call to catch up with work and any important developments that you need to be aware of.

10. Check your work from home equipment

If you work for a company that has the arrangements and infrastructure to let you work from anywhere with an internet connection, check the equipment before you leave. You never know when you may need it.

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